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Visitation Rights

Visitation is now referred to as parenting time and refers to the time each parent will have with their child. Parenting time can be modified more readily than can an order for physical custody. It is important that a child gets to spend time with both of his or her parents, even if they are not together anymore. Mom and Dad have different roles and, as long as the environment is safe and the child is comfortable, he or she will benefit from having time with both his parents.

US parenting time attorneys can help you modify your current schedule or come up with a plan that is suitable for both you and your child. Whether you want more time with your child, or whether you have questions surrounding the process, let US experienced attorneys guide you through this often difficult process.

Parenting time can include:

  • Parenting time during regular weekdays and weekends
  • Parenting time during summer holidays and other holidays such as Christmas and Easter
  • Parenting time during vacation time away from work.
  • “Right of First Refusal”, which allows you to see your child when the other parent is unavailable during a portion of their parenting time

Having a plan in place in terms of when the child is with Mom and when the child is with Dad can make your daily routine much easier and more predictable. It also decreases the chances of fights and resentment and can make it much easier on the child as well.

Child Support and Visitation

Child support is completely separate from visitation. Although how much time you spend with your child may factor into how much child support you need to pay or receive, they are not necessarilly dependent on one another. In addition,  if you do miss a child support payment, you will not automatically lose your visitation rights.

Another thing about visitation rights/parenting time is that it is a lot easier to amend parenting time than child custody. In the future, things may change; you may take on more shifts at work or you may move to a new suburb. If this is the case, your parenting time may need to be amended to reflect these changes. Lawyers can help you and your ex-spouse come to an agreement, without having to spend thousands of dollars on another child custody battle.

If you are considering a divorce or separation from your partner and you have children, then this decision can be even more difficult. You don’t want to lose access to your children, but you also do not want them to suffer in a hostile environment. Let us help you through this. Visitation rights, parenting time and child custody can get confusing but it is possible to go about it in a civil and mature manner. If this is not possible or desirable, we will vigurously advocate on your behalf, to ensure that you and your child’s best interests always come first.

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