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Not every marriage has to end in a divorce trial. There are many instances when you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse will be able to come to an agreement over custody and property division without having the court involved. This is known as an uncontested divorce. If there are no concerns involving property disputes, alimony payments, and child custody, you may be able to save time and money by using the process of an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce Procedure

In an uncontested divorce, two attorneys are not necessary. Rather, you and your ex spouse will only need one US divorce attorney to handle the paperwork. Our attorneys will prepare and file the divorce petition, marital termination agreement, and divorce decree. Uncontested divorce requires that both parties read and sign the document.

In an uncontested divorce, even though the terms may be amicable between you and your spouse, our firm will always work for just you. Any questions, concerns or issues you have along the way will be resolved by attorneys.

Uncontested divorce is not for every couple. If you have been together for several years and have acquired a lot of assets and debts, your property may be harder to split up. Furthermore, if you and your spouse have children, you may have issues with determining who gets custody.

You and your spouse might not be the best of friends at this moment. However, if possible, working together and coming to an agreement will likely be in both parties’ best interests. Uncontested divorce is:

Time efficient – contested divorces can take months, if not years to settle while uncontested divorces are usually settled much faster. In general, a contested divorce will take four times longer to settle than an uncontested divorce

More affordable – this is the most affordable way to dissolve your marriage for all parties involved.

More control – uncontested divorce allows you to remain in control. Rather than let a court decide what is best for you and your ex spouse, you will get to decide.

Less Damage for the Family – working together with your ex-spouse may seem like the last thing you want, but this really is the best way to end a marriage. Coming to an amicable agreement allows both parties to move forward with more respect and more closure than most contested divorces.

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