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Parenting Time & Visitiation

It has been psychologically proven that a child will benefit from spending time with both their Mother and Father, as long as the environment is safe and comfortable for him or her.  However, it is not always in the best interest of the child to spend time with both parents at the same time if there is constant fighting going on. This is why it is so important to face child custody issues and discuss beneficial arrangements for parenting time. Having the child spend time with both parents allows him or her to grow and develop with the influence of the Mother and the Father, even if they are not together at the time, unless one of the parents needs to be limited in time or be supervised due to personality, addiction or other issues that may place the child at risk.

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US custody lawyers specialize in all aspects of child custody and family law, including parenting time and visitation. Lawyers can also provide more information on child support and how this is impacting by parenting time/visitation. Let the US lawyers assess your case and determine the best plan of action to take.

Parenting time refers to the scheduled times each week for each parent to spend time with the child. For example, the mother may have the child Monday through Friday, while the father may have parenting time for two hours on Wednesday night (the reverse could also be true). Parenting time plans include regular routine access for summer, holidays, non school days and vacation days. Having a routine in place is not only good for the parents in terms of scheduling work and babysitters, but it is also good for the child. A regular routine that involves spending time with both Mom and Dad provides him or her with the best possible situation.

Modifying Parenting Time

It is possible to modify the amount of time spent with each child as circumstances change. It can be a lot easier to modify parenting time than modifying child custody. This is because when it comes to modifying child custody, you need to show evidence that the child is in danger in the current circumstance, whereas when you modify parenting times, you need to show evidence that it is in the best interest of the child to modify the time spent with each of the parents. In most instances, time spent with both parents will be in the best interest of the child. After all, a child needs both his or her mother and  father.

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