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Order For Protection

If you are a victim of domestic abuse in any shape or form, then you have the right to file a Petition for an Order for Protection. An Order for Protection is similar to a restraining order, ensuring that the violator keeps his or her distance from you and/or, your children. They will not be able to communicate with you, visit your home or place of employment, and may also be disallowed access to your children. Many other restrictions also apply under the law. An Order for Protection frequently follows a domestic violence arrest or accusation.

Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can include verbal, physical or mental abuse to someone in your family. This can include someone that you live with, such as a girlfriend or husband, as well as any children, someone that you are a blood relative to, such as a cousin or brother, someone with whom you share a child, or someone with whom you were once in a relationship. In a criminal proceeding, domestic violence is considered a criminal offense that can carry serious fines and possible prison time. In many instances, an Order for Protection will also be filed alongside the charges to protect the victim from this happening again.

If you have been abused by a family member or someone living with you, then it is crucial that you remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. US family lawyers can help ensure that you and your children are protected. Even if the abuser lives with you and is a parent to your children, an Order for Protection can keep him away from the house and away from the children until the next step of action is taken.

We understand how terrifying and difficult this situation can be for everyone involved. Our mission is to help you understand your many legal options. You may decide that splitting up your family, filing for divorce and signing an Order for Protection is in your best interest.

The Facts Surrounding an Order for Protection

An Order for Protection is not a quick fix. However, the Order last for many years. Furthermore, there are severe consequences for violating an Order for Protection, including a conviction, jail time and significant fines. If you have been served with an Order for Protection and want to challenge it, then contact a US family lawyer before doing anything. Even telephoning your spouse or going to the house just to talk can result in a conviction.

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