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Guardians Ad Litem

Domestic abuse cases are devastating, especially when the victim is a child. The Guardian Ad Litem program has been established to help children that have been a victim of violence move forward in a positive direction. A Judge or Referee and Guardian Ad Litem program appoint a guardian to represent a neglected or abused child. They are appointed by family court to represent the best interests of the child in court proceedings. If you have concerns about the Guardians Ad Litem program,  contact US family attorneys. 

Legal Guardian vs. Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem is different than a legal guardian. A Guardian Ad Litem is there to provide  services to the child and represent the child’s point of view and best interests during this difficult time. They will not have control over the child’s home arrangement, their finances, or have any control of the child in general. A Guardian Ad Litem will need to:

  • Gather and provide information for the court
  • Make recommendations to the court regarding the child’s needs
  • Attend court and possibly serve as a witness in the case
  • Monitor the progress of the case

When a child has been neglected or abused,  the outcome can be devastating and may lead to significant emotional problems throughout their development. Having someone investigate the facts and be their voice in legal matters provides them with a second chance for a better life.

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