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Just because you and your wife have decided to call it quits doesn’t mean you need to lose the rights to your child. In addition, after paternity has been established and it has been thus legally declared that you are the father,  you will have certain rights to your children. In most all instances, it is in the best interest of the child to spend time with both parents, even if they are no longer living together. US family lawyers can help you understand what your rights are and ensure that you and your children are taken care of during and after a divorce.

When Your Rights Are Being Threatened

If you have received any threat about your ability to take care and provide for your children, then this can also be a very scary situation. US divorce attorneys can help you with instances of:

  • Paternity recognition and paternity denials
  • Accusations of domestic violence or domestic abuse
  • Order for Protection filings against you

The sooner you speak to a US family lawyer, the quicker this can be resolved and your life can return to normal.

Child Custody and Visitation Time

When it comes to determining what happens after a divorce, where the child lives and who takes care of the child, there are a lot of factors that will be considered including:

  • What is in the best interest of the child
  • The emotional well being and stability of each parent
  • Who the main carer of the child has been
  • Who is the main income earner
  • What the child prefers, if he or she is old enough to maturely express a preference to a professional

These factors will determine things like who will have the child during weekdays, weekends, school holidays as well as whether you or your ex spouse will need to pay child support.

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