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Enforcement of Court Orders - US Divorce & Family Lawyers

After a divorce is finalized, it is expected that both parties will follow the terms and conditions of the divorce decree. The divorce decree may provide that one party is required to make child support or alimony payments. Unfortunately, not all parties comply with the conditions of their divorce decree. If your ex-spouse does not comply with the court order, you may soon find yourself in financial trouble. It is important that you speak to a US divorce attorney as soon as possible. US family lawyers will work hard to ensure that your ex-spouse starts complying with the court order and that you and your children are given the support you are entitled to receive.

Dealing With Failure to Pay Support

Enforcing a court order is not something that you should attempt on your own. Threatening, sending angry emails, or keeping your children away from your ex-spouse may actually work in his or her favor. Furthermore, this will not help the court enforce the order. In order to enforce a court order, you may need to bring an action through the court system with the help of a qualified US divorce attorney.

US lawyers can assist you with ensuring that your ex-partner obeys the court order. Your ex- partner’s unhappiness with the terms and conditions of the divorce decree is not an excuse for he or she to ignore them. We understand that not receiving support payments can make it very difficult for you to pay your bills and take care of your children. We work efficiently and expediently to have your court order enforced and ensure that you are getting the support that you are entitled to receive.

Unable to Make Payments

If you are having trouble making payments or following a court order, ignoring the court order is not your only option. It is in your best interest to take immediate action to modify the decree so that you are not found in contempt of court and excessive unpaid support payments do not accrue. You may file a post motion decree or a divorce appeal within 60 days. Failure to pay child support or alimony, failure to follow an Order for Protection, or failure to comply with a court order can result in serious complications including:

  • a possible criminal conviction,
  • withholding of your income, and
  • a loss of privileges.

Lawyers offers a free initial consultation so that we can assess your situation and determine the best course of action. Lawyers can help you with any complications that arise, even if we did not assist you in your divorce. Not paying your child support or alimony can lead to serious complications down the road. You can avoid these complications by working with an experienced attorney to modify your divorce decree before your payments are deemed deliquent.

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