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US Divorce Proceedings Lawyers

There are several different factors to consider when determining how you will dissolve your marriage. How you and your spouse choose to end your marriage will depend on:

  • whether or not there are children involved,
  • whether or not there is property to divide or debt involved,
  • whether or not you and your spouse can come to an agreement without needing to go to court,
  • the nature of the marriage and the divorce, and
  • your individual situation.

Some couples are able to split up amicably and may avoid the legal complications that come with a trial divorce; others, on the other hand, may prefer to request that the courts decide what happens next and how the property will be awarded. They can help you with all different types of separation proceedings, including:

  • contested and non contested divorce,.
  • divorce mediation,
  • collaborative divorce,
  • legal separations, and
  • annulments.

Contested and Non Contested Divorce

The most common form of divorce across US is contested divorce. Divorce proceedings are usually contested when parties cannot come to an agreement on the division of property, especially when substantial assets or debts are involved.  Contested divorce can take several months and may cost several thousands of dollars. A contested divorce may require preliminary work, discovery, settlement, and trial. US divorce attorneys are there to help you every step of the way.

Non-contested divorce is a much more affordable and simple option. However, this process is generally only used to dissolve short-term marriages that did not result in children or the aquisition of substantial property. A non-contested divorce only requires one lawyer. The proceeding takes only a fraction of the time that a contested divorce takes, but it will only work if both partners are in agreement on all issues.

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Two popular options for divorce proceedings are collaborative divorce and divorce mediation, both of which offer a more affordable and amicable approach to ending a marriage. Both partners must be in agreement and be willing to sit down together with the assistance of a mediator and/or US divorce lawyer to discuss the best way to divide their assets, determine child custody, and resolve any other issues in the matter. The benefits of collaborative divorce and divorce mediation are that they are usually less stressful, more affordable, and faster proceedings than a traditional contested divorce.

Legal Separations and Annulments

Legal separations and annulments are not divorce proceedings, but they are alternative ways to deal with a separation. An annulment will only be granted in particular instances, while a legal separation allows a couple to split up without actually going through a divorce. These alternatives are less final approaches and allow a couple to take some time apart to determine if divorce is the next step.

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