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Whether you have decided to take action, your spouse has decided to end your marriage, or you have both decided it is in the best interests of everyone to split up, divorce proceedings can be difficult. This is especially true when there are children, substantial assets, and spousal maintenance concerns. It is critical to have an experienced US divorce attorney on your side as this process is stressful for everyone involved. US divorce lawyers have successfully guided countless clients through contested divorce.

Contested divorce is the most common type of divorce proceeding in US. It involves the attention of the court and includes four distinct stages – preliminary case work, discovery, settlement and trial. Keep in mind, however, that not all contested divorce cases will end up in trial. Our mission is to keep you out of trial as it can often be expensive and complicated for everyone.

Contested Divorce Stages

Preliminary Case Work – The first stage of a contested divorce is the filing of paperwork. Our attorneys will sit down with you and go over your marital relationship in detail. We will need things like income statements, bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage and rental documents, property documents, and titles. Once we have all the information we need to fill in the required paperwork, we can file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage on your behalf.

Discovery – this stage involves questioning your spouse and collecting additional information. We will meet with other experts, such as property valuators, to determine the valuation of any property. We will also meet with a judge to determine temporary child custody. The discovery process can take up to several months to gather all the necessary information.

Settlement Efforts – hopefully during this stage you and your spouse will be able to come to an agreement through mediation that benefits all parties. You will also need to attend a pre-trial hearing in the event that you do need to go to trial.

Trial – if you cannot come to an agreement, you may need to go to court to let a judge determine equitable terms and conditions for your divorce. This can be expensive for both parties, but it is often necessary. Our divorce lawyers are experienced in court representation and will be by your side throughout the process to ensure that the determinations serve your best interests.

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