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The day to day costs of raising children are quite expensive. Infants require clothes, milk, diapers, and several other necessary items. As children get older, they require even more support for food, shelter, clothes, toys, shoes, and school supplies.

Doctor’s appointments, school fees, childcare, and sports classes are all examples of regular child care expenses. Both parents are obligated to contribute financially to the care of their children. This means that if one parent has custody of the child, children, the other parent will need to pay some sort of child support to pay for these day to day costs.

How Child Support Works

In United States, child support is broken into three sub categories:

  • basic support payments,
  • medical support payments, and
  • childcare costs.

As a parent, you will be responsible for paying child support until your child reaches the age of 18 or until he or she graduates from high school.

Calculating child support costs is confusing. Every situation is different depending on individual child custody agreements. The factors that determine child support payments include:

  • the income of both parents,
  • the day to day care of the child, and
  • the amount of time each parent spends with the child.

Child Support Payments are made on a monthly basis, usually to the parent that has the child most of the time. For example, if you have your son from Monday to Friday and your ex-spouse has him on Saturday and Sunday, your ex-spouse will generally need to pay child support as you are responsible for your son most days of the week. This is just an example, however, and every case is looked at on an individual basis.

Failure to Pay Child Support

One of the things that family law attorneys deal with on a regular basis is the failure to pay child support. If you are currently in an agreement with your ex-spouse and he or she is not paying the allotted amount each month, this can impact your financial situation dramatically. You do not have to take this. Contacting a United States child support attorney can ensure that you are fairly paid each and every month.

There are several consequences to not paying child support including:

  • denial or revocation of a driver’s license,
  • withholding of tax refunds (federal and state,;
  • denial or suspension of occupational licenses (for example, a license to practice law),
  • denial or revocation of recreational licenses,
  • denial or revocation of a passport,
  • liens placement on a car,
  • referrals to a private collection agency,
  • reports to a consumer reporting agency that one did not pay child support,
  • liens placement on property,
  • funds being frozen in bank accounts,
  • interest charges on any past due support, or
  • the placement of the obligor in prison, through a court action, for not paying child support.

Contact a United States Family Lawyer

One thing that failure to pay child support will not impact is a custody agreement. Even if your ex is not paying court ordered support every month, you cannot deny he or she from seeing his or her child as per the custody agreement. Parenting time and child support are two separate issues. What you can do, however, is contact a United States family lawyer as soon as possible.

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