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Breaking up a marriage is especially hard when there are children involved. As much as you want them to have a unified family, it is not in their best interests to be around parents that can not get along, fight often, and do not love each other. Sometimes it is best to break apart and let the children divide their time between you and your ex-spouse.

Determining child custody can be complicated, especially when there is a battle about who gets the children and when. There are two components to child custody issues:

  • legal custody (responsibility for major decisions involving health, welfare and education) and
  • physical custody (responsibility for day-to-day care of a child).

Putting Your Child First

Whether you are looking for joint custody or shared custody, United States child custody lawyer can help you. When it comes to divorce and custody cases the child’s best interests are always of greatest importance. We will fight on your behalf to ensure that you are able to see your child as often as possible.

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining what a child’s best interests are. The court will consider the following factors:

  • the reasons why each parent wants to have the child;
  • the reasonable preference of the child;
  • who the child’s primary caretaker has been in the past;
  • the relationship between the child and both parents; and,
  • the relationships and interactions between the child and other people (grandparents, boyfriends, other siblings);
  • the child’s adjustment to his current life (home, school, community) and whether it will be harmful to take him away from this environment;
  • the mental and physical health of all parties involved;
  • the capacity of which each parent will be able to provide a loving, safe and guiding environment for the child;
  • the child’s cultural background; and
  • past disputes and abuse that may have taken place.

We Are Ready to Help

Most child custody battles will be handled through a contested divorce case. This is simply because you and your ex-spouse may not be able to come to an agreement about who will care for the children and when. However, it is possible to avoid the whole process of a contested divorce. Whether you and your spouse are happy to work together to come up with a solution that is best for your children or whether you are battling for custody, we are on your side.

Contact a United States Family Lawyer

Divorce and family law matters are often emotional and painstaking issues. Our seasoned divorce lawyers will do everything they can to address and alleviate all your concerns and tensions. We strive for the best outcome possible for not only you, but also your children. Deciding to break up your family can be a very difficult decision, but sometimes it is the best for everyone in the long run. Let us make the process as smooth as possible for you. United States lawyers offer over 50 years of experience in family law and our first consultation is always free.

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