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The MVH ADVANTAGE: Small Firm. Personal Attention. Unparalleled Expertise.

At MVH Lawyers, personal attention converges with unparalleled expertise to provide our clients with a unique and potent advantage.

As a small firm, we can't be impersonal and survive. While some other law firms rely substantially on administrative staff and external resources, MVH attorneys are actively engaged in all stages of the litigation process --- from research to courtroom. Our clients are never "farmed out" to a paralegal, legal assistant, or someone fresh out of law school.

At large firms, a client may often meet their attorney upon the initial consultation and then never see or speak with him again until the court date, or perhaps at closing to collect his check. This outsourcing dilutes the potential for a strong client-attorney bond and weakens links in both the information gathering process and strategy development, as well as mitigates opportunities for valuable and potentially key client contributions. Integral aspects tend to get "lost in the translation." Further, at larger firms where there is copious division of duties, your case may become prolonged and costly. At MVH, our attorneys immerse themselves in your case. You will be dealing directly with the attorney you hire from start to finish.

Accordingly, the personalized attention MVH offers its clients fosters the formation of a vital client-attorney bond that we feel is a significant factor in our success. We make a concerted effort to actively communicate with and educate our clients, explaining the details of a case and its progress each step of the way, and adequately responding to their inquiries, concerns and needs. Our clients appreciate our accessibility and the inherent trust that such close interaction intrinsically cultivates, and we recognize and value the insight and perspective that can only come from building a relationship with our clients --- and that can sometimes lead to exchanges resulting in case-winning revelations.

There is another advantageous aspect to being a small firm. Instead of outsourcing research and consultory needs like most larger firms, we house those resources --- our attorneys --- internally. This means we have immediate and unhindered access to a veritable synergistic "think tank."

This "think tank" has been conscientiously composed of highly skilled, multi-talented legal professionals --- each proficient in diverse areas of law and practice, each possessing distinctly singular traits reciprocally essential to the formation of a thriving legal services firm. The result is an auspicious synthesis of intellectually harmonious and characteristically compatible individuals. We pride ourselves on having achieved just the "right mix."

When a case requires input relevant to other areas of law, we integrate the services of other team members. Our attorneys are available to one another for consultation when needed, sharing their profound expertise and interfacing their vast information-gathering know-how.

Via the formation of interdisciplinary teams, we can effectively and expeditiously access innovative ideas, theoretical applications and practical aspects of various issues. This modus operandi fortifies our client's cases with a broad base of authoritative input, vision and foresight.

The firm's approach --- our committed dedication to personal client attention and our cohesive, interactive team environment --- means infinitely better chances for top-notch legal representation, a solidly built strategy, and a robust, muscular defense.

It results in unparalleled expertise that transcends the ordinary. That unparalleled expertise has struck a responsive chord with our clients. That unparalleled expertise is what they have come to deserve, expect and receive. That unparalleled expertise is the MVH advantage. MVH Lawyers guarantees it.

We believe that you have the right to the very best attorney available. We are that attorney.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve saved the message when you called and said that I won in court, how great it is!” -Karon

“I want to thank you for your representation over the course of the last six months. When I first hired you for my case, you had to scramble and get ready for an initial court hearing in just two days, and I appreciated your willingness to do so. During our process you have been concerned about not only representing me, but also, more importantly, the best interest of my teenage boys. In my book, that is what makes you one of the best in your profession!” -Mike A.

“Thank you so very much Charlie for everything you and your staff did to make this most unpleasant experience bearable.” -Linda D.

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Why Choose Us?

Our website list a lot of professional attorneys, lawyers experience resolving divorces, child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal maintenance, paternity, domestic abuse, adoption, prenuptial agreements and other law matters.

Divorce and family court proceedings can be foreign and intimidating, affecting several lives. Your interests are best served by a competent and concerned attorney in US.

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Spousal Maintenance in Retirement: The Baby Boom Comes of Age

Given the growing percentage of Baby Boom [1] population nearing retirement and the commonplace permanent spousal maintenance obligations ordered in recent decades, the law applicable to modifications of “permanent” spousal maintenance due to retirement is bound to evolve and be a hotbed of contention between divorced parties.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, of generations in U.S. history, the boomers have generally prospered and enjoyed relatively high incomes. [2] This seemingly positive aspect is tempered by the conclusion of many studies that up to half of boomer households have not accumulated sufficient wealth to prevent a reduction in standards of living at retirement age. [3] What’s more, boomers are expected to live longer than their parents’ generation by an average of two years and will likely spend more time in retirement. [4] With the projected shortfall in Social Security, a program upon which many retirees are dependent, boomers may become acutely aware of deficits in personal savings. [5] Permanent maintenance awards are frequently made payable until the death or remarriage of the obligee. Terms in a divorce decree providing for termination of the obligation upon death of either party are also common (though less often designating retirement as a specific triggering event for termination of spousal maintenance).

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Parenting Plan Considerations

ln intact relationships, parents do not usually consider how decisions are made with regard to the care of the children, let along who would carry out the various parenting tasks. However, once parents are living separate and apart, these issues must be clearly specified, understood and agreed upon to avoid conflict and assure proper care.

A Parenting Plan is a written agreement between separated parents setting out the rules and structures for the ongoing care of the children. Parenting Plans are constructed with sensitivity to the developmental and cultural needs of the children and the ability of the parents to meet those needs given respective parental strengths, weaknesses and willingness.

Parenting Plans are generally developed on a consensus-building model between the parents, whose efforts may be supported by others. Depending on the nature and quality of support required, supports may include legal counsel, parenting coaches, child specialists, family specialists and other specialists with knowledge, expertise and training in matters such as: mental health, addictions, domestic violence, child development and the like.

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