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There are several instances when you may not be happy with the outcome of your divorce proceedings. In many cases you and your spouse will not be able to come to an agreement and the court will need to decide what is best for everyone. This can mean that you receive less than your fair share of custody, alimony, property and other needs. The good news is that you can appeal the court decision through the appelate process. The bad news, however, is that it is a complicated procedure that will drag the divorce process on even longer. United States appeals attorneys can help you with all aspects of the appeals process.

Appeals Requirements

A United States divorce lawyer can assist you with filing an appeal and getting that second chance. There are strict rules and deadlines in place that govern what are available to appeal and when the appeal must be submitted by. Some of the rules that you must follow when it comes to the appeals process include:

  • A Notice of Appeal must be served and filed within 60 days of the original court decision being finalized
  • The parties involved in the divorce and appeal must participate in a mandatory divorce mediation in most cases, before the appeal will be considered (for example, in cases where there has been domestic abuse, mediation will not be required)

Modifications and Post Decree Motions

Another thing to remember is that post decree motions can also be filed at a later date. If the circumstances change in any way, which is bound to happen eventually, you can request a modification of a number of aspects of your divorce such as:

  • Modification to child support
  • Modification to child custody
  • Modification to alimony
  • Modification to move out of state
  • Modification to parenting time

Getting everything that you want is difficult. Anyone that has been married and through a divorce will know this. However, if the divorce hearing is causing emotional and financial strain on your life then there is something you can do about it. While the appeals process can be long, complicated and expensive, it might be in your best interest to do something about it now. United States divorce attorneys can help you determine if it is in your best interest to file for an appeal and what you can expect. Our lawyers are trained in appellate cases and strife for the best possible outcome for you.

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Not all divorces are going to be smooth. You are probably tired from all the stress and fighting. You are probably angry and financially and emotionally exhausted. An appeal may be your only solution, or you may find that it is simply not worth it. Let United States divorce appeals attorney help you seek your goals.

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