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Marriage is a commitment to someone for life. However, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. One option to terminate your marriage other than divorce, however, is annulment. Although annulments are quite rare in United States, they do still exist. Lawyers can help you determine if annulment is the right solution for you and your spouse. Our United States family lawyers have over 50 years of combined experienced resolving divorce and family law matters, including annulments, across the United States.

Is Annulment an Option for You?

While an annulment may seem like a better option than a divorce , the option is not available in all circumstances. An annulment may be the right solution for you and your spouse under the following circumstances:

  • one of the parties was incapacitated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance at the time of the marriage ceremony;
  • one of the parties involved was married to someone else at the time of the marriage;
  • one of the parties was underage at the time of marriage.
  • one of the parties is incapable of having sexual relations, and the other party was not aware of this at the time of the marriage ceremony;
  • one of the parties suffers from mental illness or mental incapacitation, and the other party was not aware of this at the time of the marriage ceremony;
  • one of the parties was coerced into the marriage; or
  • consent to the marriage was obtained by fraud, or under duress.

Annulment Versus Divorce Proceedings

Proving that these circumstances have taken place usually requires both parties to agree. However, the burden of proof is on the person that is requesting the annulment. When you have your marriage annulled, the marriage becomes void. Often this is not the case and not the way you want to end a relationship, even a rocky one. Thus divorce may be your better option. Let our United States divorce and annulment attorneys help determine the right path for you and your spouse.

Annulment may seem like a simple solution, but this is another misconception. While in some instances an annulment can be easier on both parties, it is not necessarily cheaper, simpler, or quicker than a divorce. It all depends on your individual situation.

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Don’t try to battle through this complicated procedure alone. You deserve help during this difficult time. Whether you decide to go through with an annulment or opt to seek another avenue to end your marriage, we can help. We listen carefully to your concerns, promptly return your calls, minimize attorney fees, and process the case efficiently and effectively. 

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