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Choosing to adopt a child, whether domestically, internationally or through step parent adoption is a life-changing decision. This is why there is often a lot of confusion and paperwork surrounding the process. By choosing to adopt, you are taking full responsibility for another human being. The court will evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate to do this. At the Goldstein Law Office, we can help you with this extremely important process and ensure that you are successful with your adoption dreams.

Step Parent Adoption

One of the things our United States adoption attorneys can help you with is step parent adoption. In order for this to be accomplished, the biological parent of the child must give up full legal responsibility for the child. Upon the court granting an adoption, the adopting parent will then become the full parent and have all the rights surrounding education, healthcare and general well being. Our United States adoption attorneys can help you every step of the way, including:

Termination of parental rights: The first procedure in the adoption process is to request that the biological parent sign a form terminating all parental rights. If the biological parent is not willing to do this, then the step parent adoption cannot take place, unless it can be proven that the biological parent has abandoned the child or is unable to competently parent the child at present and going forward. This is a very difficult case to present, but does apply to some circumstances.

Adoption petition: If the consent of the biological parent to terminate parental rights can be obtained, then the remaining parent and the step parent can petition for adoption. There are several things that can happen during this procedure, including background checks, income checks, home studies and much more. However, if the adoptive step parent has been married to the biological parent for at least one year, it is likely that none of these requirements will apply.

Court hearing: You will need to attend a hearing before a judge, in which the court will hear brief testimony by the adoptive parents to confirm that they are ready, willing and able to complete the adoption. The child, your attorney and the adopting parents must attend this hearing.

Domestic and International Adoption

The process to adopt a child domestically or from another country is complex. Every single country is different in terms of what is required. While celebrities make the whole process seem simple, this is actually not the case.

There are several forms you need to fill out, as well as a long waiting period in most instances.

Let us help you understand the adoption process and help you with all the legal requirements. Lawyers listed on our website we have over 50 years of combined experienced in United States family law. They can help you complete your family without all the confusion, frustration and heartbreak that can follow a failed attempt.

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